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These Ranking Lists were created officially by, and are the property of, the World Cable Wakeboard Commission, and the EAME Cable Wakeboard Council. 


World Cable Wakeboard Commission is the governing body of cable wakeboarding worldwide. The Commission was founded in 1998. under the authority of IWSF - International Waterski Federation.  IWSF has three regions geographically distributed over the world: Pan American Region (PANAM); Asia-Australia  (A/A) and Europe, Africa & Middle East (EAME). There are about 150 wakeboard and waterski cableways around the world, but majority of them still in region EAME. So, for the time being, the only region that has it's own sports administration and issues the Regional Rankings is EAME.
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The official Cable Wakeboard World Council and EAME Cable Wakeboard Council website


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World Rankings     2005     2006     2007

please note, as there were no World Champs in 2007 and no regional Champs in all 3 regions, World rankings 2007 are not available


EAME Rankings      2005     2006     2007


Events - Results     2005     2006     2007


For any questions or remarks on the World and EAME Ranking lists, see System of awarding points or contact Varna Laco.